Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The teachers' version of the final results were posted on the website instead of the web version.  This was done in error by the webmaster who was trying to respond to the demand for results to be posted.

I sincerely apologize on behalf of Irish Dance Teachers' Association of Eastern Canada to anyone who was upset with those results being posted.

I do not manage the website nor did I post those results.  As such, I did not have a "change of heart".

The results have since been taken down and I do not know when replacements will be put up.

This blog is closed for the year and the website will be shut down for a while too as we are about to go over our monthly bandwidth usage/allowance.

There is too much complaining on the VOY board that I don't feel it is worth the aggravation to provide all of this information, which I do strictly on a voluntary basis.  You can take this as rude or snippy, but it is simply the truth.

Have a great Christmas and good luck to all for 2012.

Finally, I can be reached by e-mail should any serious issues or complaint arise again. Everyone will be given a courteous and timely response.

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  1. COULTER & SEACREST are in big trouble .
    And whatever they earned ,it's all gone.
    And SHERYL CROW with MICK JAGGER just gave up a biggie called :
    " CHOPM".
    Oh - oh...CHO not so " funny" now!
    Right HARPER?