Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The teachers' version of the final results were posted on the website instead of the web version.  This was done in error by the webmaster who was trying to respond to the demand for results to be posted.

I sincerely apologize on behalf of Irish Dance Teachers' Association of Eastern Canada to anyone who was upset with those results being posted.

I do not manage the website nor did I post those results.  As such, I did not have a "change of heart".

The results have since been taken down and I do not know when replacements will be put up.

This blog is closed for the year and the website will be shut down for a while too as we are about to go over our monthly bandwidth usage/allowance.

There is too much complaining on the VOY board that I don't feel it is worth the aggravation to provide all of this information, which I do strictly on a voluntary basis.  You can take this as rude or snippy, but it is simply the truth.

Have a great Christmas and good luck to all for 2012.

Finally, I can be reached by e-mail should any serious issues or complaint arise again. Everyone will be given a courteous and timely response.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

World Qualifiers for Belfast 2012 from ECRO 2011

U10 Patrick Grant, Casey O'Brien, Ainsley Flemington, Sarah Campeau, Heather Fletcher, Fiona Reynolds, Joely Bernier, Lenna O'Handley, Lauren Rooney, Sinead Reeves

U11 Robert McAleese, Guillaume Choiniere-Shields, Zackery Martin, Grace Metcalfe, Lili Pich, Heather Hudson, Benet Avery, Shauna Deery, Erin-Louise Reynolds, Meghan Haughey, Lindsay Clarke

U12 Griffin Schwarz, Zach Bernier, Macaulay Fryer, Patrick Wagner, Claire Gormley, Emma Tomlinson, Brianna Wilson, Liana Evans, Isabella Simms, Ellie Evans, Ashley Kinzinger, Sophia Flynn

U13 Nyles Church, Liam Kenny, Christopher Bulman, Meghan Hachey, Brynna McVittie, Kylie Paliani, Hayley Pereira, Martine Steiner, Paige Doyle, Kayla Ruggle, Ariel Seale, Nieve Robinson

U14 Keelan Paliani, James Houghton, Lee Tanner, Nicolaus LeBel, John Carney, Avery McNair, Meghan Kilmarin, Ailish Dunn, Alana Della Mora, Julia Silano, Laura Campeau, Madeline Cameron, Leiden McMurray, Sophie MacLellan, Katherine Fuller, Laura Ryan

U15 Claire Gallibois, Laura Pastor, Justine Bongers, Nikki Daly, Emily Woolgar, Alexandra Petersen, Ayla Reid, MacKenzie Goggin-Wade, Janie Pendlebury, Breanna Behring, Erin Tackaberry

U16 Kian Paliani, Michaela Hinds, Brooke Ezekiel, Niamh Bryson, Orla Mahon, Amanda MacDonald, Camille Slaght, Rachelle-Murielle Lebel-Marcotte, Breagh MacNeil, Rebecca Sanders

U17 Matthew Follis, Katie Holbrook, Rachel Cawker, Sarah Paterson, Joanne Jamestee, Heidi Daly, Elizabeth Al-Jbouri, Darragh Reaney-Brown, Katherine Radojewski

U18 Lorcan Balfe, Lucas Lawton, Patrick Andison, Aleksi Campagne, Corinne Gallibois, Lindsay McBride, Madeleine Follis, Chelsea Norgrove, Jacqueline Boutilier, Majella Kostiuk

U19 Liandra Doonan, Meggie Reardon, Celina Hawkins, Bridget Mason, Naomi Marsh

U20 Ben Fraser, Mark Brenyo, David Branton, Ashley Davidson, Kaitlin Lewis, Becca Stewart, Jennifer Murphy, Michaela Fernandes

20+ Nick Andison, Scott Graham, Casey Costello, Emily Lupiano, Natasha Woytiuk, Elspeth McMurray, Charmayne Dulley, Paige White-Fagundes, Stephanie Coull, Laura Duncan, Amber Afseth, Maggie Wilkins, Katie O'Rouke

2011 Solo Champions

2011 Eastern Canadian Oireachtas Champions (Boys then Girls)

U8  Gavin Willoughby from Goggin-Carroll; Carson Einwechter from Doyle
U9 Connor O'Brien from Goggin-Carroll; Jaylene Kehoe from McGinley
U10 Patrick Grant from BFOC; Ainsley Flemington from Goggin-Carroll
U11Robert McAleese from Woodgate-Shamrock; Grace Metcalfe from BFOC
U12 Griffin Schwarz from Short; Claire Gormley from BFOC
U13 Nyles Church from Reaney; Meghan Hachey from BFOC
U14 Keelan Paliani from BFOC; Avery McNair from BFOC
U15 no entry, Claire Gallibois from BFOC
U16 Kian Paliani from BFOC; Michaela Hinds from BFOC
U17 Matthew Follis from Gilchrist-Canavan; Katie Holbrook from Goggin-Carroll
U18 Lorcan Balfe from BFOC; Corinne Gallibois from BFOC
U19 no boys competition; Liandra Doonan from Short
U20 Ben Fraser from Goggin-Carroll; Ashley Davidson from BFOC
20+ Nick Andison from BFOC; Emily Lupiano from Sue Fay Healy

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vendor Update

Due to a personal emergency - Dingle Bay - will not be able to make it until Friday.  I have not been informed as to what time but I'm guessing they won't be ready for 8am competitions.  All of your vending needs should still be taken care of by our other fabulous vendors in the meantime.  Allow extra time in case they are busier.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feis America Magazine will no longer be attending our event due to personal/family reasons.  They have still offered to upload results etc to which is very much appreciated.

Results will posted at the end of the day either there or here on the blog - depending on who has time to get the task done.