Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 ECRO Syllabus and other info is now available

Hello everyone. 

Below are links to some items recently sent to teachers regarding this year's Oireachtas including the main syllabus.  The entry form is not included since entries may only be submitted by teachers (however everyone should be familiar with the rules of the event which is why the syllabus has been posted).

The Mini-Feis (a competition for dancers who are not yet ready for the overall championship) has been overhauled to create a two-round competition called Premiere.  All of the rules and procedures are explained in the second document below. 

Lastly, advertising space is not limited to teachers, feises and vendors.  Why not advertise your business or wish your dancer/school well?  Rates and specifications are in the third attachment.  Submit your ad with payment to your teacher well before the deadline.  Direct any questions relating to the material below to your teacher.  Things like floor plans, start numbers and stage schedules will be available in the Journal which you can buy at the venue.

Good luck!

1 - Eastern Canada Oireachtas Syllabus

2 - Eastern Canada Premiere Competition

3 - How to Book Advertising Space in the Journal

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Novotel has fixed their online problem

The Novotel website link is now offering double rooms.  If you were given a king at the Novotel and would prefer a double, give them a call to sort it out. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hotel Update - August 10th

Hi everyone - here is the latest on the hotel situation.

Westin - I called this evening - king rooms are available in the block room rate for each night.  Doubles are not (in or out of the block).  We have booked everything they have.  Cots have all been allocated although it is possible an agent on the phone will tell you they can get one for you. As in ANY hotel, believe it when you see it.  Same goes for any other special requests.  Neither I, nor any IDTACE committee member or ECRO event planner can assist with obtaining cots or changing kings to doubles.  I'd love to help but that is not within our control, sorry.  You can still book rooms at the Westin using the info provided further down the blog.  It is possible that people who booked double rooms outside the block (for $289 or higher) might cancel all or part of their reservation, meaning doubles could come up.  There is no system to go on a waiting list but you may opt to try calling at random times.  Good luck!

Novotel - Alternatively, we have negotiated a rate with the Novotel which I believe is across the street?  The online page is only booking king rooms (today) but I called the hotel tonight and there are plenty of doubles in our inventory for the group rate.  I have asked our hotel contact to help to sort out the online glitch.  I recommend that you call the hotel directly at: 1-613-230-3033 or use this website to book a king room now or try in a day or two for a double: 

There is never going to be a perfect hotel which can hold all of us for a great rate without pre-paying one or two nights and with double rooms for all.  We try to negotiate the best options possible for everyone and appreciate your understanding.

Ryan Carroll