Sunday, October 30, 2011

Timetable Information - Starting Times of First Round in Running Order
(Version 2 - corrections to Premiere age groups have been made) - October 31.


FRI Hall A - 8am BU10, BU8, GU10, GU8
FRI Hall B - 8am BU11, BU9, GU11, GU9
FRI Hall A - 1215pm BU14, GU14, GU15
FRI Hall B - 1215pm BU12, BU13, GU12, GU13
Champ Treble Reels - Hall A - U9, U11 and Hall B - U15, U13 - will follow the light rounds
RESULTS IN HALL B - aiming for about 630/645 and lasting approximately 1.5-2 hrs

SAT Hall A - 8am BU16, M20&O, GU16
SAT Hall B - 8am BU17, MU18, M18-20, GU17
SAT Hall A - 845am LU20, L20&O
SAT Hall B - 9am LU18, LU19
SAT Hall A - Adult 4H at 1115am and 8H at 145pm
Champ Treble Reels 18&O (Hall A) and U18 (Hall B) will follow the light rounds.
RESULTS IN HALL B - aiming for about 215/230pm and lasting approximately 60-90 mins
Dinner Dance - Black and White Masquerade Party - Cocktails at 7pm in foyer outside competition ballrooms, Dinner at 730pm.

SUN - Governor General Room II, 4th floor - 8-830am Mass
SUN Hall A - 830am Premiere 13&O, U11, U8 for R1 (R2 should start about 930)
SUN Hall B - 830am Premiere U13, U10, U9 for R1 (R2 should also start about 930)
SUN Hall A - 1030am Premiere Treble Reel 13&O, U11
SUN Hall B - 1030am Premiere Treble Reel U13, U10
SUN Hall A - 11am 4H U15 and 15&O
SUN Hall B - 11am 4H U9 and U12
SUN Hall A - 12pm 8H U15 and 15&O
SUN Hall B - 12pm 8H  U9 and U12
RESULTS IN HALL B - aiming for about 115/130 and lasting approximately 60-90 mins

Competitions will run in blocks.  The boys sections are very small and will take only a few minutes.  Hard shoe will go first.  Start times for each age group within the block are not posted because it is impossible to exactly predict a timetable and we want the freedom to keep things going and/or not to worry that we are running late.  While it would be nice to know the number of dancers in a competition NOW, it is not necessary.  You will find out once you arrive on site and buy your program.

The Premiere on Sunday IS a proper competition.  The anonymous comment on the message board suggesting that these dancers are unjustifiably holding up teams is cowardly and rude.  Anonymous message board comments are why many regions choose to not release info in advance.

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