Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 ECRO Costume Consignment Room Info

[New Pricing Scheme - see below for details.]

In response to feedback from families like you, we have made a few minor changes to the consignment room policies for 2011, to make it easier for you to sell or buy a dress!

The new (lowered) fee will be $20 for the whole weekend; a second dress from the same family will be $15 and each additional dress shall be a further $10 per dress provided all dresses are from the same family. 
A reduced rate of $15 shall be available if you register your dress for sale after Saturday awards!  Many Sunday-only dancers were looking last year (especially older dancers) but dresses were taken home before Sunday.  Try to arrange to leave your dress until Sunday at 1pm and have someone collect it for you.

Hours will be: Thursday (for intake only - from 5-8pm, Friday from 10-4pm, Saturday from 10-4pm (and for another two hours after Saturday's award ceremony), plus Sunday from 9:30-1pm
All dresses must be picked up by 1pm Sunday or they will be turned over to the hotel's lost and found for you to collect at your own expense.
Have as much information about the dress ready to add to the registration form such as measurements, suitable age category, age of the dress, dressmaker etc.

The consignment room is located in the same room as last year (beside the escalators).  The room will also operate as "Oireachtas Headquarters" come and see us if you have any questions about the weekend's events.  
We'll try our best to help!

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